Nice to meet you!
My name is Jiuya "Eva" Lin.
I am a visual designer 
(or, I do anything that can be called "art")
who also (un)fortunately loves math.

If you are want to reach out to me, 
you can contact me at:
Email: jiuyalin@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Jiuya Lin
Instagram: @muuuuuuu_eva
- Why I do art -
It is the most important things to me, and is my ways to understand the world. "∞zzzz" (2023) is actually an autobiography game for which I recall my first encounter with art. 
- Why do I also (un)fortunately like math -
I used to hate math for the longest time in my life, like, all the way until high school. But then, I found triangles, circles - in short, geometry. That was what gets me to cross the threshold. 
- Fun Facts about me -
I love coffee to the depth of my heart. And also likes tea. 
My favorite animals are jellyfish, then whale, cat, and bunny. I really like marine creatures in general. 
I love plants and currently have 10 of them.
Here are some cat pictures: Link to a secret dungeon

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