Here are a mix of projects I have worked on. Including but not limited to:
- Games that I solo developed
- Levels design in pre-existing games' editor
- UI/UX wireframes 
This page will be update frequently, so make sure to come back and check :)
A game made in the perspective of the former planet Pluto. 
Link to play (
Unity, Blender, Procreate
2023. 9. 
A Surreal New York Transit Museum Guided Tour
The player (or, audience) will click around the buttons for a surrealistic experience in NYC Transit Museum.
Made in Twine over the span of two weeks. 
The project was made for "Digital Story telling" class at NYU IMA. Pictures comes from my groupmate Yvonne. 
Disclaimer: This is NOT an accurate reflection of NYC Transit Museum. 
2022. 10.
"Leap of Faith"
VVVVVV level editor. 2022. 9. 
Designed with Arnee Wen.
Starting point at room (4, 5)
VVVVVV level editor. 2021. 9.
Starting point at room (1.1)
"Playtime with Cats"
Escape Room Simulator - Level Editor
Designed with Leo Bravo.
Link to the Steam workshop: Click here
A TTRPG based on "Mononoke HIme" by Studio Ghibli
Designed with Leo Bravo.
Link to the complete Document: Google Drive Link

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