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"If there is going to be a blackhole somewhere in the NYC, it *has* to be in the subway".  
-- By me. 
A surrealist NYC Metro based short narrative platformer.
The game is inspired by my personal *exciting* and frequently surreal experience in NYC subways. I never can expect what will happen the moment I get on subway.
Probably my first seriously solo-developed game, the beginning of my self exploration journey with the "videogame" media.
The project is solo developed in Unity: 
Art: I referenced on Cubism, especially from Picasso, attempting to capture the extraction of shapes from common objects.
Develop: The project is coded in Unity with C# over the span of 1 month.  
Music/sound effects: the sounds are heavy edited version of real metro recording from Union Square to Flatbush Avenue via 5.

Mirror Hallway Foreground + Background

Entrance Hallway Foreground + Background

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